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How to Make Gold and Influence Trade Chat

So, everyone reading blogs like this has probably seen the same thing over and over again. Buy low, sell big. Snipe auctions with low bids. Buy in mass.

That's all find and dandy. You can make money with it fine, increasing your revenue with each tip you get along the way. But there is one thing just as important as those TSM tutorials and transmog lists.

It's time for a lesson in Public Relations (or PR). Because if you can't market yourself, you can't market your sales. You can make millions of gold in game, but eventually you are going to need to talk to other people. If you are a jerk to people or insult them, they are far less likely to want to buy your things, especially if you are using Trade Chat. Ever been barking an item and someone comes along, preaching the good news and telling everyone how much of a terrible person you are? Well, here is how to avoid that.

Public Relations 101 with Professor Tauna

Tip 1- Writing

The first skill that everyone requires is a …

1-600 Professions with just WoD Materials!

Hey all! Tauna back with another guide. I know it's been a while since I've updated, but you know, life gets in the way sometimes!

So here is a little thing I chucked together. It's pretty simple really, just a little list of what I use to level new professions on characters.

While in Legion it isn't necessary to have max skills, I always like to have the highest skill level just in case. For example, patterns and such usually require a certain level. If Blizzard was to make some patterns drop from raids (ie. Dragon Soul style), I would almost be certain you would have to be 800 for them.

So, feel free to check it out and if you have any better ideas, let me know!
(credit to /u/Ex_iledd for the engineering one!)

Profession Craft How many Requires Leatherworking Drums of Fury 300 1500 Raw Beast Hide Tailoring Sumptuous Cowl 60 3000 Sumptuous Fur Alchemy Draenic Strength Potion 300 900Nagrand Arrowbloom Blacksmithing Smouldering Breastplate 60 1800 True Iron Ore + 1…

Assets before Gold

As you can see, I am at over 2 million gold in assets and liquid gold. I am fairly proud of myself, even though I log in and only have just over 46k.

Now, some people would stress out over this. Feel like they aren't getting very far, despite working their butts off. There is no need to panic, even if you have less gold than when you started.

 'The whole point of gold making is to make gold though, Tauna!' you say. The assets count as part of your portfolio though. In real life, a person is worth whatever their bank account is plus the value of their assets (roughly). If you value yourself just by the gold you have, then there isn't much point to gold making.

The best way to make gold is to reinvest. I had dropped down to 10k gold since I have started gold making, and started stressing when I looked at that small amount of gold. 'What have I done?', I thought. I just spent everything I worked so hard for! Then I opened up my TSM and saw the Curre…

Flipper's Remorse

So, you are sitting at the Auction House using the new sniping tool from TSM. Suddenly a massive discount shows up on the AH, but you need to drop a lot of coin to get it. Your heart starts racing as you think of the possibilities and decide after half a minute that you are going for it. You place the buy, run over to the mail box and collect it.

Now comes the Flipper's Remorse. You think about all the coin you've just spent, how long it's going to take to get rid of an item and worst of all, you begin despising the item.

I had a pretty severe case of this with Shadowfang. I spent my first 90k on it, with no buffer to return to. It definitely set my gold making back a fair bit. It's sad to say, I even got a bit depressed in real life because I had no virtual gold left. I despised that sword. It was cursed and I wanted to be rid of it so bad, I would have taken anything. I did eventually go on to sell it for well over it's worth though.

So, how do you …

SEGM: Selling things for the right price!

This post is inspired by the person who listed Shoulderguards of Honest Laborat 16,000 gold on the Auction House and expects them to sell

Well, we have all been there. Trying to list something at an outrageous price on the Auction House because there isn't any on there. We expect it to sell, I mean, there isn't an competition, right? Surely if there isn't any others then it will have to sell.

This isn't a post about naming and shaming mistakes, because everyone does them. I've put up Robes of Insight on the AH for 10k, hoping they sell. Of course, they didn't. But I was persistent on my listing and listed them at 10k for a while before they sold. Before I knew about The Undermine Journal. (TUJ for short)

See, this website is very handy when you are pricing rare items. Without knowing the value of something, you aren't getting the most out of your item. Using Shoulderguards as an example, here is a step to step guide:

Go to your server's versi…

The Art of the Bark

So, you've found a rare item? You have used The Undermine Journal to find the true value of the item, checking with your realm's page and the global page.

Now, how do you sell it for the best profit? The way that I do it is posting it on the Auction House and barking at the same time. If you can sell it in Trade Chat, you avoid the 5% cut from the Auction House. And those 5% cuts add up quickly.

I've covered this topic slightly with my posts on Mysterious Fortune Cards and Panthers, but I felt it required it's own full blown blog post. Barking is an art and if done right you can sell things for a better profit than on the Auction House. Having trouble moving a certain investment or rare item? Barking can help.

So, what is barking? Basically it is a macro that you set up to sell a certain item. Every ten-fifteen minutes you click it, and hopefully someone picks it up.

To include in the macro:
A link to the itemA rough priceAdvertisement!
This is Tauna's…

Transferring gold cross realm

Ever since the dawn of WoW, people have been realm hopping around. And with the addition of cross-realm Normal and Heroic Seige of Orgrimmar in the last few hours it means that people now have more reason to change realm. Trialing new members from other realms or finding a guild to raid with has never been easier!

So, here is a simple guild to transferring your gold across realm.

This post is aimed at people who are either going to be transferring to a new realm or starting on a new realm and want to either transfer all their gold or start again.

Limits are annoying

Level     Max. Gold
10-30     300g
31-50     1,000g
51-70     5,000g
71-80     20,000g
81+     50,000g

These are the limits for transferring gold cross realm. As you can see, 50,000g is the most you can transfer on one character. The reason this limit is in place, assumingly, is to stop gold traders realm hopping around with as much gold as possible to sell.

Guild Transfers

One way to get around the personal limi…